Friday, 14 December 2012

a jar of questions a glass of answer

anyeong~~ huhu.. tibe tibe rasa macam nak cakap korea pula.. hehehe.. maap yer amy.. harini aku dapat lagi soalan tapi dari miss seri pagi.. blog dia comel kau... better terjah.. hahaha..hehehe... soalan dia bagi dalam bahasa inggeris.. haa~ berterabur speaking aku kejap lagi~ hahha.. ok jom kita tengok jawapan aku..

1. If you were given a chance to become idol/singer, who you want to be?
i want to be shae... amy you know shae ?? please meet abg google if you don't know her.. hehehhe

2. The character that you love in your fav. movies/dramas that you want to make as your boyfriend.
someone like beto khusyairy in aku, dia dan tong sampah...huhuhu..

3. Describe about your style *example : casual, punk bla bla.
 i love casual... and simple mimple... no need to be crowd and messy here and there... hahahaha

4. If you were given a chance, what ability/talent that you want?
 someone that can read others mind... because i want to read my 'beto's' mind.... hahhaha

5. The person that you always get jealous because her/his ability/talent? *example : mother, friends bla bla
someone.. but sorry i can't share it here... huhuhuhu

6. The first web that you open when you switch on your laptop/computer *example : twitter, google bla bla
of course facebook... hehe...

7. Tell me about your dreams that you feel that you will never get it. 
err... marry with 'beto' .. hahahaha... 

8. Have you been punished in school and why?

yes, because i'm not finish my homework... then the teacher asked me to stay at the back of class.. hua.. hua...

9. Country/place that you really really want to go and why.
japan ! because... i want to see cherry blossom trees. cheery blossom also known as sakura...

10. Job that you dream to get and give some reasons. 
drifter ! hahahha... actually i want to be someone in multimedia production... because  i love that job... hahha

11. Your fav. disney cartoon *example : cinderella, aladdin bla bla
cinderella.. hahahha

12. Song that relate to your life and give some reasons. 
this song is from irwansyah - tentang perasaanku.. this song i dedicate to 'beto' because until this sweet second.. i still love and wait him... hehehhe

13. First person that you add in your facebook.
haissyyy.... not remember lah yayang... hohoho...

14. What is your fav. quote?
' if you love someone let he go, if he back.. he will be yours '... hehehhe

15. Describe about your blog theme *including content and colour
strawberry.. hahaha.. something like a pink colour..hahahha... i love pink damn much !

tergeliat jugak lidah aku ni... berterabur kau aku speaking.. hahaha.. by the way thanks kat miss seri pagi.. for the question.. and wait for mine keyh... amybe this night or tommorow... haha..

bye... wasalam..